Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The heat is on

Happy belated Canada day!!! 

We had a gorgeously hot Canada day and celebrated with the family. 
I got up bright and early and did a nice swim followed by a bike ride that didn't turn out the way we had hoped. The swim was lovely and warm, we treated it as a brick workout, ran out of the water, stripped our wetsuits off then got ready to ride the route of an upcoming race. We decided to make sure we were properly protected from the sun. Thank goodness "S" brought sunscreen because I completely forgot mine.
By the looks of it you would think she slathered me rather well...

Apparently she missed a spot. OUCH!!!!!
Anyways, off onto the bike. We have done this upcoming triathlon a few times but the bike course has changed and "S" and I aren't familiar with the area. I printed a map to guide us and you would have thought that would help. Unfortunately we totally missed our turn around. We were supposed to only do 30km but it turned into more like a 40km by the time we were done. We never did find our turn around spot. We brought along a new riding buddy and I'm pretty sure she thought we were nuts. She fits right in. I think she has joined our team awesome!

After I got cleaned up from my hot sweaty bike ride I headed off with the family to join in on some Canada Day festivities.
What a great day!

What else did I do last week?
"S" and I did an open water swim at 9pm. It was getting dark by the time we got out of the water but it was so worth the swim.
I also had to be creative and do my bike training indoors due to husband being away at meetings and no babysitter.
Someone fell and hurt her foot and needed a lot of love.

Once I gave her some love she was soooooo happy.
I also had a great run the other day. I've been seeing "my guy" since the knee has been a big problem for me. He manipulates it and it gives me enough relief that I can run on it. It still hurts but its not excruciating. So after my appointment with him I went out for a run to test the waters. I did an easy 5k and my first split was a 4:10/km. I have never ran a split that fast in my life!!!! If only I could maintain that pace. Yesterday I did a crazy 5km run 3 times. One 5km first thing in the morning, 1 right smack in the middle of  a super hot day and my last one was after the kids went to bed thinking it might have cooled off a bit. It was not any cooler. I have to say the last run of the day was super tough. I was tired, I was hot and all I wanted to do was relax. But I did it and that is all that matters!
Speaking of running. See Jane Run Seattle race is coming up fast. SJR race series is absolutely fabulous. Not only do you get to race with fabulous women but you also get a lovely finishers medal, champagne and chocolate!!!!
If you are close to Seattle I really think you should give this race a try. Details are HERE.

Enjoy this super nice weather, I'm off to the beach!

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