Thursday, July 11, 2013

Counting down

How do you get motivation to train when the weather is hot and all you want to do is be lazy at the lake or beach?
The girls and I have been soaking up the sun every chance that we get. The weather has been fabulous. I should be training hard since we are coming up to my 2 week mark right before my big race.
I'm going to be honest, I am totally freaking out. Why? I don't know for sure. My coach says I've done the training, my friends and training partners have the confidence that I am on track but yet I am nervous like you wouldn't believe. I get twitchy just thinking about it. I just found out that the water temperature in Ghost Dam (where the swim will be) is a nippy 13*. Yikes!!!!! That freaks me out a bit since I've been training in water that's 16-18*. I'm also nervous about my knee. Having a torn meniscus is not fun and I have more then a few people thinking I am beyond crazy racing with one. I worry that it is going to completely give out on the run portion. Yes I could walk but remember this is a half marathon I'm running after riding 95km. If I have to walk 10km back that's going to take me forever.

I am so honoured to have people working with me to get me as healthy and injury free as possible. I actually feel like a pro athlete. I had an awesome professional bike fit yesterday by the great Steve Lund that I'm going to test out today. Saturday I am going in for my special treatment by the awesome Rob Pearce.  My bike guy Berg Bikes has checked and checked again that my bike is in tip top shape and will get me through the race in a good position. My awesome coach has been more then patient with me reassuring that I am going to be just fine. 
All of these people have great faith in me and have totally helped me get to this point. I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am for their support. Seriously they really do make me feel like I'm a pro!

This past week I had some big workouts to accomplish and thankfully I had some awesome friends to help me survive them.
My lovely, amazing and crazy hard core cyclist buddy after we did a great brick workout. There are smiles so it couldn't have been that bad. I'm still trying to convince her to join the crazy world of triathlon.
My big ride this week was an 80km that turned into at least 85km thanks to me not turning my Garmin back on after this...
Yup, a flat! The crazy thing was, my husband told my riding buddies right before we left for our ride to make me stop halfway through our ride to make me change my rear wheel because I haven't done it yet on the new bike. How ironic that I got a flat. Needless to say I sent him a text that wasn't very kind ; ) 
So my buddies sat on the side of the road heckling me while I changed the wheel all by myself. 
14 minutes later (I know that needs work) I finally get everything back together. 
Off we go to ride in the most beautiful part of the world. With the greatest of friends.

There you have it. I'm now gearing down for my 2 weeks of tapering. I have a race this weekend that I am treating as a training day. Looking forward to seeing lots of great friends out on the course and just having some fun. No pressure!!!!!
I'll be back for one more post for a race recap and then we are off to Calgary to prep me for the big one!

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