Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sometimes things just don't work out.

Well some days the universe has a weird way of telling you things...
Today was one of those days.
On Vancouver Island we have a great winter race series. From January to April there are 8 running races from Sidney to Comox. Every single race has their special something and I love participating. Last year due to pneumonia I missed out so I was very excited to plan my race season with VIRA in mind.

So the first race was Jan 11 down in Saanich (greater part of Victoria) and my run coach thought it would be a great race for me to do... then I got sick. So no race for me. Fast forward to this weekend where the second race is happening right in my back yard. The Cobble Hill 10km. This was the race I was most excited about. It's my area, I know the race route, and I know I was capable of a PR. Well after being off from training for 4 weeks I figured I still could pull off a good race, then this week I woke up with nerve pain shooting down my leg. So I had to skip one of my runs and go see "my guy" to get things sorted out. Got out for my other runs and things felt better. So I thought yes, I can race this. Well, as I'm getting ready for the race I get a text from my coach asking how things are feeling. I tell her I'm feeling pretty much back on track and what pace should I run this race. She tells me not to run it. Too much has gone on that she didn't think it was wise. So I'm bummed. I decided what the heck, I've already paid for the race. I'll go run it and just run it as an easy training pace. Not easy to do in a race because it means practicing an immense sense of self control. I have done it before so what the heck. So I'm all ready to head over to the race, get into my truck and...
IT WILL NOT START. It won't do anything. No battery, no nothing. 

I have to tell you I am a huge believer in that things happen for a reason. My coach did not want me racing, she did say if I really wanted to I could but she did not recommend it. The fact that my truck all of a sudden decided today was the day it decided not to start I find absolutely crazy. 
So I have taken today as a great opportunity to remind me to trust. Trust in my coach. Trust in my training. Trust in myself that everything will work out. Life will lead me in the right direction and I just have to trust.
I am hopeful that this is the last of my hiccups for training as I officially start Ironman training a week today. The plan is in place and I will be on my rigid schedule. Things are going to work out just fine, as long as I just trust.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Sunshine and health = Happy days

ah, a big sigh of relief to see that beautiful sunshine out there. I am 3 weeks from when I first got sick and I am finally on the mend. Boy does it ever feel good to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I can't believe what a downer being sick is and then to be in a deep fog during that time didn't help. I am so thrilled to get back to life!

This week I was allowed to slowly get back to training. I had to maintain a very, very, very easy pace.  This meant I was almost walking. I was more then okay with that. I was just happy to get out of the house and get my blood flowing. 
So my first day out was only 20 minutes. Since it was a very short run I asked my oldest if she would wanted to join me (she's 7). I never thought a kid could be so excited to run with their mom. Normally I take the kids with me but they ride their bikes. She was excited to run with me and I was too.

It was a pretty foggy morning so we played it safe with safety and I made her wear my high vis vest.

It almost fits her!!!

She did awesome. She ran 3km's and kept a nice easy pace with me. She wanted a little head start on the way back.

This was my super proud mom moment. During our run we ran into a lady who was out for a walk and she couldn't commend my little girl enough. She complimented on how well she ran and what an inspiration she was. I couldn't be more proud. I sure hope she wants to continue our nice little runs. It was definitely a great way to bond.
After our mother/daughter bonding run it got me excited to get back to training. So I got a few more slow easy runs in this week and todays run with the sun shinning and our super warm day I just couldn't be happier. To top it off I got mail...

Finally my ugly tri Christmas sweater arrived. A little late for Christmas but now I am ready for next year. 

This shirt is so fun. It's a little on the big side. I tried it on over top of my running clothes.

Regardless, it will be perfect for the next holiday season. I'm not sure if they still sell them but I got this shirt through Teespring. A few of my Soas racing buddies got them as well so you might see a few of these "ugly tri Christmas sweaters around.

I also bought myself a little get well gift...
Soas just added running tights to their already fabulous collection of running gear. I would like 1 of everything but I had to refrain myself and just buy 1 pair for now. I bought the far right pair "Sunset Cliffs".  I can't wait to try them. You can find a pair for yourself HERE.
So there you have it. A great week ending with a super sunny great day. Here's to a fun filled and relaxing weekend.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Years

A few days late but Happy New Year friends! I am so excited to embrace 2015. As most of my followers know 2014 brought me a lot of hiccups. It was a very challenging year for me in all aspects of my life... family, friends, work, triathlon. You name it we probably went through it. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? So when I say bring on 2015 I truly mean it. 
So far it hasn't started out great triathlon wise. December 30th I came down with the flu but decided to still go ahead with our annual New Years Party. 

I probably should have cancelled and went to bed at 8pm but I didn't and now I am suffering. I'm completely off all workouts until it clears out of my chest. Needless to say I'm a bit grumpy. 
I have been sipping on natural remedies since the Benelyn made me feel like a recovering drug addict.
Honestly, my lemon, ginger beet juice made me feel way better then those pseudoephedrinesI am trying to be positive but it is hard when you have great expectations. So on that note...

So onward and upward I say! So many other positive things. I've been off during the Christmas break which means lots of fun times with my family.
We did the fantastic Christmas skate at our local skating rink.

A little bowling with our friends. Just a little side note... Bowling is not my sport. All of the kids beat me. Seriously I suck at bowling. My friend even told me how bad I suck. She reminded me I can't be good at all sports and of all the sports to suck at bowling is a good. She's so positive ; )

We also got a little climbing in. Climbing will always have a special place in my heart, that's how my husband and I met so to take the kids is the ultimate fun thing for us to do.

We had a wonderful Christmas as usual. It was just us this year. We had no company for Christmas and it was lovely. We took our time opening presents, had a wonderful vegan Christmas dinner and even played with some of our new toys...

Speaking of new toys I got a few of my favourite things!

Playing on my new rollers!!! I also got my Adamo saddle!
So with Santa being overly kind to me this year got me excited for the 2015 race season. I don't have a lot of triathlon races this year. Because I am focussed on my main goal of completing my first full distance (Ironman distance) race I decided to only commit to 2 other races. So first up will be the Ironman Victoria 70.3

Next up I think I will do a short little Olympic close to home as well.

The Langford Triathlon will be it's first year hosting this Olympic and Sprint race. I'm very excited for a new course to try.

Then last but not least, my biggest goal of my life August 30 2015:

I'm going to be honest, I am terrified of this. It's the unknown. I've never done these distances before. I've never ran a marathon, I've never biked over 120km so those two together scares me immensely, but this is a dream I've had for a while. 

So February 1st I embark on my training. I've been doing a bit of pre-season training. I've hit the pool a few times, I try to get on the bike twice a week, and I'm hammering out some good runs. I have no idea how this journey will end but I have a good feeling that it will be one of the greatest adventures of my life. I have a great running coach who will keep the reins very tight on me, I have a cycling coach who will definitely steer me on the right direction. I can do this and I will do it as best as I can. 
I don't really do New Years resolutions but during my Ironman training each month I have a new resolve. Some of the resolves I have for myself is to be positive no matter what gets thrown my way. Start meditating daily. Be thankful for all opportunities. 

So Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope 2015 brings you joy, happiness, excitement and adventure.