Friday, January 16, 2015

Sunshine and health = Happy days

ah, a big sigh of relief to see that beautiful sunshine out there. I am 3 weeks from when I first got sick and I am finally on the mend. Boy does it ever feel good to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I can't believe what a downer being sick is and then to be in a deep fog during that time didn't help. I am so thrilled to get back to life!

This week I was allowed to slowly get back to training. I had to maintain a very, very, very easy pace.  This meant I was almost walking. I was more then okay with that. I was just happy to get out of the house and get my blood flowing. 
So my first day out was only 20 minutes. Since it was a very short run I asked my oldest if she would wanted to join me (she's 7). I never thought a kid could be so excited to run with their mom. Normally I take the kids with me but they ride their bikes. She was excited to run with me and I was too.

It was a pretty foggy morning so we played it safe with safety and I made her wear my high vis vest.

It almost fits her!!!

She did awesome. She ran 3km's and kept a nice easy pace with me. She wanted a little head start on the way back.

This was my super proud mom moment. During our run we ran into a lady who was out for a walk and she couldn't commend my little girl enough. She complimented on how well she ran and what an inspiration she was. I couldn't be more proud. I sure hope she wants to continue our nice little runs. It was definitely a great way to bond.
After our mother/daughter bonding run it got me excited to get back to training. So I got a few more slow easy runs in this week and todays run with the sun shinning and our super warm day I just couldn't be happier. To top it off I got mail...

Finally my ugly tri Christmas sweater arrived. A little late for Christmas but now I am ready for next year. 

This shirt is so fun. It's a little on the big side. I tried it on over top of my running clothes.

Regardless, it will be perfect for the next holiday season. I'm not sure if they still sell them but I got this shirt through Teespring. A few of my Soas racing buddies got them as well so you might see a few of these "ugly tri Christmas sweaters around.

I also bought myself a little get well gift...
Soas just added running tights to their already fabulous collection of running gear. I would like 1 of everything but I had to refrain myself and just buy 1 pair for now. I bought the far right pair "Sunset Cliffs".  I can't wait to try them. You can find a pair for yourself HERE.
So there you have it. A great week ending with a super sunny great day. Here's to a fun filled and relaxing weekend.

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