Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chumbawamba had it right

Well I hate to say it but I'm still dealing with my little injury. My coach was very firm in telling me I will not be racing the Victoria Goddess Half this upcoming weekend. I'm pretty bummed out about it. I was really looking forward to running it with a great friend of mine (who happens to be a super hard core runner). I've been trying to figure out ways for me to still do it. Maybe run the 10km instead or even the 5km??? I have an Olympic distance triathlon in less then 3 weeks so my guess is my coach wants me to just get better before that race. Forget having fun we are getting down to business!
So the last week I've been slowly getting my running back. Just like Chumbawamba said: You get knocked down but you get back up again. I'll tell you it's only been a month of no running and I feel like I've lost all fitness even though I've been keeping it up in other ways like weight training, cycling and swimming. For some reason though it is super hard to get back into running. 
So this morning with a cool rainy morning My partner in crime "S" came over to help torture me in a crazy hour of Sufferfest
~We were on a break here~

Sufferfest is crazy hard and a wicked awesome windtrainer workout.
~We are so focused here~
After my bike session I put my runners on and went out for my run. Everything felt pretty good but I've still got something going on in my hip and I can guarantee the 1/2 marathon would break me. So I will slowly build everything back up!

This past weekend was the Shawnigan Lake Subaru Series Triathlon. I don't usually  race this one...
~It's usually bloody cold~
So I have decided to volunteer for this race. The last 2 years I have done it. This year I was a Marshal on the swim course and the Swim Captains Coordinator. Despite being at the race site for 5am it is always lots of fun.
As an athlete I think it is so important to volunteer at 1 or more events during the year. You definitely get a better perspective of all the planning and hard work that goes into these races. If there were no volunteers these races would not happen.
~last minute details of setting up the buoys, still dark out.~

~Transition is all ready to go~

~boats are in position~

~carpet is laid out~

~half iron distance get ready~

~and they are off~

I had a couple of friends racing this weekend and they all did fantastic. "Mr" from my "Mr. & Mrs." got second in his Olympic distance age group!!!! Another friend got 1st in her sprint age group. It was a bit of a cool drizzly day but they all seemed to have a fun time. 

On a last note I was going through some photos and found this great shot of myself with all of my fabulous training buddies. I love it!!!

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