Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Accomplishments and a fabulous gift from me to you

Hello friends, this morning I sit here on a cool dreary day contemplating what to write on the blog today. I know people come because it is a super fun, awesome training blog right? I have such great wit and humour and that is why you keep coming back right? Well today I have a great surprise/gift for you so keep reading...
This past weekend we had some damp weather so we had to get a little creative with what to do with our time. I am currently not running due to a weird injury. I don't like talking about injuries because they totally suck! I also seem to be a tad bit accident prone and yet again I am injured. I am currently getting treated with a super neat guy in Victoria who my training buddy "D" told me to go see and I am hoping to try a run tomorrow so please cross those fingers and toes for me.
So after a super wet Saturday "S" and I hit the pool. I love my saturday night swims. Usually my good buddies Mr. & Mrs. join me but they had company this weekend. "S" is working really hard on improving her stroke and I was just happy to help and I of course got some nice sprint sets in. I also spent most of my Saturday hanging out with my fab family at the Victoria Highland Games.

Sunday we hit the roads nice and early while we had a little sunshine. We decided to do a nice rolling hills ride today for 3 hours. I hate hills and "D" & "S" know this. Let me explain. I hate hills because I totally and utterly suck on them. However I am getting better and I am trying to embrace the hill climbing skills. Anyways, there is a crazy hilly area that my coach has been wanting me to do. Part of it has a 23% (It could be more) grade. This is the climb that I was under  the understanding we were doing. So between my injury from running and thinking we are about to do this ridiculous hill climb I was feeling a little cranky. So "D" & "S" told me to suck it up and I would be fine. So we head out and guess what? They forgot to tell me we weren't doing the 23% just the 15% ones and I made it! Know what else? It wasn't that hard. I did it. So the moral of this story is don't think too much about what you think you can't do. You never know if you can or can't until you try. 
~After our big climb~
I won't lie, I was a little tired that afternoon.

Monday we got up bright and early again and headed to the lake. We tackled a nice easy 2000 meter swim. The lake was pleasant. It makes me jealous that I'm not racing the Shawnigan Subaru Triathlon this weekend.
~Right before we dive in~

Now I don't know how many of you have worn a triathlon wetsuit but one of my fab co-ambassodors from See Jane Run wrote a super cute story of buying her first tri wet suit. You can see the story here: http://pleasurenotpunishment.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/the-one-where-she-buys-a-wetsuit/
Well, I hate to tell her the truth but getting the wetsuit on and off never gets any easier...
~This is my leg stuck in my wetsuit~

So today we have yet another rainy day and I have to take daughter 1 to her ballet rehearsal, go to a triathlon meeting for a race that I'm volunteering at this weekend, clean the house for company that arrives tomorrow and bake a cake. So I guess I'll be on the windtrainer at 9pm tonight. I like to think that I'm not crazy, just dedicated.

SO I promised I had a surprise for you. Now that I am a Jane I will have a lot more contests and gifts for my readers so make sure you follow me and like me on facebook too. 
Today I have a gift code for you to get 10% off of the See Jan Run Seattle Half Marathon & 5K!
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