Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I might be a little crazy

 I've been waiting for the right moment to announce this crazy dream. Like most triathletes I've had a lofty goal, to attempt an Ironman. I had a plan: this year compete in some Olympic distances and do one or two sprints. Next year do all Olympic and try and do well at them. Then when my littlest is in kindergarten I would attempt a 1/2 Ironman. Why wait? Well I wasn't sure I had adequate time to train. I've always said the family comes first and it always will. However, after chatting with some people and reading some training books and in the spirit of New Years Resolutions (yes I do stick to mine) I took a giant leap of faith and signed myself up for Calgary 70.3!
The minute I hit register I was flooded with emotions. I'm scared, excited, nervous you name it, it stirred something in me. Now I can see why finishers bawl their eyes out. Yes! That will be me. I get emotional just crossing the finish after doing a sprint. 
I have a lot of work cut out for me. Luckily husband and kids are on bored with full support. Even some of my fab friends are sticking it out with me. You know who you are... the lovely ladies who come and kick my butt on those early mornings out in the garage. Even my extended family have vowed to cheer me across the finish.
So I would love to say I have kicked it into full gear but I am actually embracing my last lazy days. Come Monday January 21st I start my road to Ironman. Please follow along while I document my crazy journey. I'm sure there will be some laughs and many tears and possibly some crazy moments.

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