Sunday, December 18, 2016

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things 2016

Welcome to this years These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things! Every year around Christmas I share with you things related to triathlon that I love so much. 
This year I have been lucky enough to actually try out or now own most of these products that I am so excited about.

First up on my list this year it the Lumo Run. 
The Lumo Run is a pod that goes in your shorts/pants during your run. It uses algorithms to measure your running biomechanics. I have been wanting to get my hands on one of these babies since I first heard about it. Coming from many running injuries I had to re-learn how to run and I guarantee this little gadget will most definitely keep me in check. You can check out all of the infer HERE.

Next up is for all of you avid readers out there. The much anticipated book by Sir Lindley was even better than I expected. This book was so popular when it got released that I had to wait several weeks before I could even get my hands on a copy. 
I seriously read this book in 2 days and it wasn't because I had nothing better to do. This book goes through Siri's life as an athlete and how she later transitioned to one of the best triathlon coaches in the world. This book is definitely worth your time.

I don't know about all of you but when training and racing I have a hard time eating solid foods. So far bananas have been my go to along with my nutrition in a bottle. There is a new game changer for me now. My local running store brought in these fabulous Gu Stoopwafel and OH MY GOD! These are soooooo good. They are tasty and actually go down quite nicely and the flavours are delicious.  
Although I am a Nun Ambassador, that does not change how much I love Nuun. I use Nuun daily for all of my training. I especially love it for swim workouts. I used to get foot or calf cramps during swim workouts but if I have Nuun on deck I have no issues. With a ton of great flavours to choose from and a little bit of fizz it is my favourite drink to have around.

If you are in Canada make sure you order your Nuun products HERE. Although most sports stores do carry Nuun.

I'm pretty sure everyone loves how much I love my Soas gear. I have made the Soas racing team for my 3rd year. I am so excited because this year they have released their 1-piece racing suit. This suit is so sleek. I'm loving the look and function of the longer sleeves. I'll have nice coverage over my back and shoulders so I don't have to worry about exposed skin that might not have sunscreen. They have 2 styles to choose from and when you order they will add your name to your suit!

Soas has some other new kits as well to check out. Head on over HERE.

Another team I am proud to be on and makes amazing products is Base Performance. I was introduced to the salt and Aminos this past year by a fellow Soas teammate. I couldn't believe the difference in racing in the heat with this magic. I now carry the salt with me on bike and runs in all of my races. I even saved another athletes race at Calgary 70.3 because it was unexpectedly hot and aid stations were way too far apart. I shared my salt with her and she was able to finish. 
Base has many great products to help in your training and racing. Check them out HERE.

Last but not least on this years Fav Things is the Tacx Neo. I was lucky enough to try out my brother in laws set up this summer when we were visiting. I got one ride in and fell in love with this amazing training tool. This year for my birthday, my amazing husband actually got one for me and I have done every single ride since October in my garage.
What is the Tacx Neo? It is a smart trainer. This trainer does automatic grade adjustments, road feel, measures watts. It is seriously the coolest thing around. I've got mine set up to Zwift but I know there are other programs you can ride to. 

These smart trainers are total game changers. There is nothing better then riding in almost lifelike road conditions in the safety of your home. I can push harder without worrying about traffic around me. I can hammer up hills without the worry of what might lie ahead. This is by far my most favourite thing of all times in the wonderful world of triathlon.

I hope you enjoyed my favourite things. Let me know if there are any products you absolutely love and can't live without.

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