Wednesday, December 10, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

It's that time of year. Us crazy triathletes write down every possible need to get us to the start line. I'm sure Santa cringes when he receives my letter of more and more gear. I'll be honest, I don't really need anything this year but a girl must dream and there is always something that catches my eye.
I love doing my fav things because I love sharing my little finds with all of you lovely racers out there, and lets be honest... I'm a total gear head.

This year Christmas came early for me. I made the Soas Racing Team and that was enough for me. I am still relishing in the fabulous news and can't wait to get me race kit. That being said there is still some awesome Soas gear that I think everyone needs!!! 
So first up:
This gorgeous new design from Soas is perfect! I love the beautiful colour combination. Rumour has it that they are working on running tights. This makes me squeal with delight. I know they will be super cute!!! Also new to Soas is the sports bra (pictured with Tri Suit). Now regardless of my affiliation with Soas I absolutely LOVE their Tri Suits. They are so comfortable, they fit true to size and gosh we all look so cute in them. 

Next up is the TYR Women's Torque Lite Swim Skin.
Sorry I stole this image off of their website and it's not a great pic. Anyways, with me doing Penticton this year I need to look at swim skin options. Last years race was not wetsuit legal and of course this is the next best option. I don't mind swimming without a wetsuit but I don't love swimming in a trisuit, I've done it and I feel a little drag and I don't need drag when I'm going to be swimming for 4 km's. Triathlete sports seems to have a decent price on them.

My next item is probably the highest on my wish list. The Adamo Time Trial Saddle has come highly recommended by a few people. Apparently it will make my 180km ride feel much more comfortable. Apparently your bike seat is not supposed to give you grief. 
My bike builder thinks these saddles are the ugliest around but hey I'm all about comfort after the 80km mark.

Another item that is definitely not needed but would be fun to have is the Stages Power Meter.
It's still unknown whether this fun gadget is as good as the regular power meters that are twice as expensive but for someone like me who has never actually used one I'm guessing Stages is probably the best way to go. Plus, you can switch it between bikes.

Another fun item that isn't necessary is these alloy bike rollers.
I had the opportunity to try some rollers out and they are so bloody hard BUT I could definitely feel my riding improve. I was out for a road ride on Sunday and while climbing a hill I could feel how much smoother my pedal stroke was. 
Okay this just got switched to a must have.

Last on my list is the Grid Mini Foam Roller. I use a roller but it's ginormous. These mini's are awesome to throw into your bag and take it with you anywhere, a great stocking stuffer I might add.

So there you have it. My wish list for 2014. I hope Santa is good to all of you and if you have any fun items for your wish list I would love to hear about it in the comments.

*The links may not be specific to the brand but is more where I found the best price for Canadians. 

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