Monday, December 15, 2014

Plan B

Who says triathletes can handle a little hiccup in the training schedule?

My last few weeks have sucked. Honestly, December is off to a bad start training wise. After the fantastic news of making the SOAS Racing team I thought for sure it was a good omen. Well I'll be honest I wasn't feeling very motivated for December. It was a bit rainy the first week in December, my coach reminded me I haven't really started my Ironman training yet. I'm still in the post/pre season mode where things don't matter too much. So I started feeling better about myself and went on this fabulous bike ride.

I even had some great company join me.

We got out for an easy 90min ride and it was just what the doctor ordered, I felt so much better and decided I was back on track. I mean who wouldn't be motivated with a view like this:

So last week I got to my 1st swim session, got on the bike rollers to then have to be told I have to give them back. Unfortunately they were lent to me to try and just as I mastered letting go of the wall I had to return the crazy hard but super addicting rollers. Insert another big sigh. That's okay though, I still have the wind trainer and since the weather turned into a torrential downpour I can get through this, yes I can...

Wednesday comes along and it's my group run day. These are usually a moderate workout and I always enjoy them. Well, my little munchkin comes home from school sick. So this means no group run. In fact there was no run for me that day. This is where there is another sigh.
That's okay there's always tomorrow. So what happens when your kid is still sick? You just start doing whatever you can. At this point I am doing some light core work and strength training in my living room whenever she lets go of me. My poor little munchkin. So this is when I decide the week is shot and as always my kids come first. So I accept the fact that very little training will get done this week but I will definitely get my weekend workouts in because the hubby will be home and he can help out!
Can we insert one more sigh? 
So Friday night ended up the hardest for my little monkey. I thought Wednesday was bad. The poor thing was up all night with cough and fever so of course I couldn't sleep. So when my alarm went off at 7 to get up for my Saturday group run and I had actually just falling asleep 2 hours before I decided that:
a) I shouldn't be driving on only 2 hours of sleep
b) I probably shouldn't be running on only 2 hours of sleep (although I'm pretty sure all my best races are done on said minimal sleep)
c) My kid is still sick and is crying for me
d) I just want to crawl bak into bed and sleep for a month.

So I had to tell my coach I will be missing yet another workout this week. The good news is she gave me a workout to try and do on my own if I did manage to peel myself away from the sick one.
I actually did get out for a run and I'm glad I did because it was so beautiful out and the fresh air helped me cope with my training failures of the week. 
By Sunday I was feeling rather defeated in the world of triathlon training but I told my husband I absolutely had to get out for my bike and run. The girls had swim club and my littlest was starting to perk up. I was optimistic that the stars were aligned and I was going to get out for my one and only day of training.
One more sigh? The poor kid was still sick. So I got creative. She stayed home with me while big sis went off to swim club with her dad. I set up the bike on the wind trainer and had my good buddy "D" come over and even though it killed me to be inside on such a gorgeous day we hammered a workout while the sick one layed on the couch watching a movie. At least I got a workout done. Except my fur baby didn't get the memo about good behaviour while mom does her bike workout.
Yup, she had some fun with the Christmas tree and decapitated and killed one of the angel decorations. Someones going to hell and it isn't me.

I still needed to get a run done but this I would have to wait on until the fam was back from swimming. 
So once they got back I took full advantage of the amazing weather.

I actually managed to get my 70min of running in. I had to go solo since all my running buddies were heading out at our usual time but I brought some good music with me and had one of the best runs of my life. I obviously needed to run some things out.

So moral of the story is shit happens and you can't beat yourself up over it. I was able to get in a few workouts but I also missed a few. My family is very important to me and sometimes I have to give up some training time for them and that's okay. In fact it felt great to spend hours on the couch getting cuddles with my girls. 
Being a mom, and triathlete while working isn't easy. It brings many challenges into our lives but I've become very good at problem solving and when I do manage to squeeze everything in I feel like wonder woman. We all have our battles but life would be so boring if we did. 
Be strong, because you can.

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