Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Just a little break from it all.

Wow I'm back! I know I've been neglecting the blog lately but it's more because training is slow going right now. Today, because I'm not training as hard I thought I would be off topic.
I keep getting told that I am the queen of time management. I really don't know why. I'm no different that the person next to me but I do have a busy life and time management helps me get things done... on time. I recently went back to dental assisting. I still do massage but it hasn't kept me busy enough so we as a family decided I needed to go back to dental assisting to make things work. So between massage therapy, dental assisting, volunteering, triathlon training and the most important thing family things get pretty busy around here. I get up extra early to get my bike ride in. I run on lunch breaks. I swim late at night after the kids go to bed. People ask me how I do it. Honestly? I think being in a work field where people rely on me to stay on time it is just ingrained to always plan ahead. I know a month out what my schedule is and what I need to do each and every day. This even includes grocery shopping. Is it hard? Yes. Do I need a break sometimes? Absolutely. So last week my husband took me to Vancouver for an extra special getaway without kids.
We haven't been away from the kids since we had them. My parents were kind enough to come stay with them while we went out for a big night out on the town. I am still ecstatic that I got to see Pearl Jam for the first time. You see, I have been a huge fan of Pearl Jam since they first came out. I believe it was 1990 when I first heard their hit Jeremy. I'm not gonna lie, Eddie Vedder makes my heart sing with his voice and his looks. Seriously though this may have been the best concert I have ever been to.

We started our day with a gorgeous ferry ride over to Vancouver. Then we went for the most delicious dinner at Vij's. 
We made a quick stop at our hotel to check in and change and then straight to the arena.

Patiently waiting. I was so excited I couldn't contain myself.
After the opening act of Mudhoney I was bursting with excitement.
When Eddie Vedder came on the stage I got goosebumps. 

He sang all of my favourites including Daughter, a song my long time best friend and I have always loved. Pearl Jam kept on rocking for over 3 hours. I was loving every minute of it.

Eddie serenades us with some slow classics. 

The band would leave the stage for a minute and the lights would come on for a bit and then they were right back on stage singing more songs. I can't even describe how amazing this night was. I felt like a new woman after this luxurious treat away from home.
I did miss my girls terribly but it was great to get giant hugs when we walked through that door. I highly recommend a nice little break every now and then. Especially all you moms out there. I think we tend to do everything for others and not very much for ourselves and this was a great reminder to take time for myself.

Now that I am settled back into routine we are definitely back into the swing of things. We spent our weekend baking and decorating Christmas cookies, ballet recitals, Christmas shopping and of course a little triathlon training.

As much as I thoroughly loved getting away to see the most amazing band ever, I am happy to be home and busy as ever.

Stay tuned for next week I am going to do a post on my Christmas wish list!!!

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