Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Klutz is my middle name

It's been a busy week in my house. We are gearing down with the last 2 weeks of school. Between beach days with the school, volunteer time at the school, appreciation teas at the school... you get the picture. Well, trying to fit in some training this week has been tough. I've got patients I need to treat, and I need treatments for myself too. I did manage  a pool swim with Masters Monday night, Tuesday I squeezed in a very quick run between volunteering at my littlest ones school, running home for a quick lunch and then off to my other little ones school for another round of volunteering. Which by the way I was not prepared for. Nothing like using my muscles to stir thick concrete, wearing "nice" clothes to stir said concrete and get splashed in the face including my eye. Don't worry though I am getting over it ; )
Today after I pick the kids up we are off to the lake so I can practice some transitions to prep me for this upcoming triathlon in Victoria.
I am feeling not too bad. A little nervous since my knee still isn't right. I did have a decent run yesterday but there is definitely things going on in the pesky knee. Today I saw my super awesome sports med. He fixed me up last year with my other knee surgery. Anyways, options aren't ideal right now because it's only six weeks till my first 70.3
So he said if I can push through the pain to get me across the finish line then that's what I need to do. I won't do any more damage (isn't that reassuring) but we just don't have enough time to fix it up within 6 weeks time. I would lose too much training. Bottom line is that I will probably be going in under the knife this fall. I'm okay with this because I have been there 2x's before. I have a tendency to wreck myself...
~Another example of my klutziness~
Saturday I was out for a 60km ride when I caught my finger in the shifter. Yup, only I am capable of bleeding on the bike without actually falling off. 
So bottom line is if you are a klutz, get used to it because it never goes away.

Anyways, back to racing. I'm starting to feel very nervous about this weekends race. More so that I don't want anything to hurt. I have a specific time goal in mind but I don't know if I can achieve it with this knee issue. I hate excuses but sometimes we do have to be realistic with ourselves and realize that pain is not good and if it hurts that bad it is okay to stop. I'm still working on this. I just have to remember I tried my best. So here is to a fun racing weekend with as little pain as possible!

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