Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The gory details part 1

Well I did it, I completed my very first iron distance triathlon. It was quite the journey so I'm going to do my race recap in 2 parts. Brace yourself it's a long one...

I started the week off with my 37th birthday. Not a great time to celebrate since anxiety was high and my diet was consisted of limited sweets and no alcohol. What a party pooper. Not only was I still training but I also had to work. It was one of those weeks that we were beyond busy. To top everything off the Okanagan was super smokey from all of the wild fires. I wasn't even sure I was going to get to race. Needless to say my week leading up to my big race was not relaxing in the least bit.
I managed to get the trailer packed, food prepped, and kids organized. The husband picked me up Thursday right after work and we hit the road to get the ferry.
Once settled for the night my husband shows me a sore on his foot. Let me rephrase that...
my husband showed me a massive infection on his foot. Great! 10pm Thursday night in the middle of nowhere. We are off to an awesome start.
Wake up Friday to hit the road bright and early. Husbands infected foot looks even worse. We made the joint decision to just get to Penticton pronto. He can see a doctor there.
As we drive in to the Okanagan we are seeing and smelling the smoke. This isn't looking good.

We are told it's looking better then it was the previous weekend. That is good news. We pull into the campground and I send husband to the doctor pronto. The girls and I hand at the trailer to regroup. (Yeah I'm freaking out a bit). Luckily my sweet girls recommend a pedi. they are so smart.

This was exactly what I needed. Feet up with some hydration. Life is good. Luckily the husband made out ok too. He got back just in time.
We stayed at the same campsite as my friends one of ladies was racing the half. I am thrilled to know these awesome ladies. They came over to welcome us and give me the low down on all that was happening.

After some visiting and checking out the husbands gross foot it was time to wander over to package pick up. I guess I was so overwhelmed I didn't take a single photo. 
Knowing today was a bit of a stressful day I had to get some extra rest. I went to bed at 8pm so we could be at the kids race for 6:30am.  I COULD NOT SLEEP. I tossed and turned all night. Usually this is the night I sleep like a baby and get plenty of sleep. Not today. My husband ended up drugging me at 2am so I could get some amount of sleep. I got a total of 3 hours... not good.

Off we go to the kids triathlon bright and early. They were so excited. The weather was good and there was such a good atmosphere. Big sis was up first and she did awesome. Big smiles right through to the end. 

Little sis up next, I never know how she will react. She's kind of like a powder keg, you never know when she's going to blow. She surprised us all but going in on her own and she did awesome! 

The kids got a shirt, medal and of course treats and big hugs from the super awesome pro triathlete Laura Siddal
I can not boast enough about this woman. She is so kind, supportive and generous. She volunteered a boat load of her time this weekend at all of the Challenge festivities. Top notch athlete and one of my team mates from Soas 
After the races it was my turn to get a bit of training in. Short swim and short bike ride. I'm feeling a little tired but I'm ready for the big day.
Back at camp I decide I better get things ready. I need to prepare all of my nutrition and my special needs bags.
I had no idea how much stuff I needed to prep until I had it all laid out. For anyone interested here's my gear:
race swim cap
timing chip
body glide 
pre race fluid (water with Nuun)
Biker helmet
bike shoes
cycling jacket
2 bottles of Carbo pro mixed with Endura
1 bottle of water + Nuun
Special needs bike (more chamois cream, 2 more bottles of Carbo pro/Endura, 1 bottle water + Nuun, Miss Vicky's chips)
Race number belt
fluid belt with water + Nuun
Special needs run ( water + Nuun, extra socks, vaseline, blister bandaid, chips, extra gels, warm shirt)

I believe that is it! Now that I look at the list it really is substantial. No wonder I kept freaking out thinking I was missing something.

After I got all of my gear organized I got to head out for lunch with my bestie. This girl has known me since grade 1. That's right if you do the math I have been best friends with this girl for 31 years. She is one of the most special people in my life. She knows me better then anyone (well she's actually tied with my husband and they have a lot of fun with all that knowledge of me). It was amazing to get to see her and have her support. 
She had a little something for me.
This beautiful wing. It was so touching that I'm pretty sure I had a little something in my eye. I absolutely cherish it.
Our visit was way too short but I had to get back to race headquarters to get my bike into transition as well as my transition bags. 
After I got everything settled I ran into yet another fabulous Soas sista!
This chick is awesome! She gave me support earlier on in my training when I needed some advice. Unfortunately again not enough time to hang out but so glad I got to get one last chat in before the race.
I also got to see the wonderful Jenna from Soas as well but we weren't very smart and forgot to caption the meet up. She too is another amazingly wonderful person. Calmed me down when I needed it, gave me some tips and advice as well. I honestly cannot say enough about the Soas team. All of these woman are absolutely fantastic. All strong, supportive and just great people. <3 all of your lovely ladies!!!

So after racking the bike, getting hugs and well wishes from my Soas Sista's, listening in on pre race meeting I was ready for a nap. Back to the trailer. I did put my feet up for a bit while my children ran rampant around the campground but that's what camping is about right?
Of course I could not snooze so instead more prep for the race. 
Tattoo time!
This was the first race I have done where we get tattoos. So of course the girls had to help me. They are pretty much pro's when it comes to temp tattoos.
Pretty good job I think. So after dinner I drugged myself in hopes of a better sleep. 4:15am is going to come pretty quick I think.
Here's hoping to a very good night sleep!

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