Monday, June 15, 2015

So you had a bad day

So Ironman Victoria 70.3 happened this weekend. Such a great race and we had absolute awesome weather. This was my first triathlon this year. Because my goal race is Challenge Penticton full distance I'm not doing a lot of races. Vic 70.3 was purely for training purposes. It was all about making sure I was fuelling properly and at the right time. All my gear it fitting properly and nothing is bothering me. Pacing consistent and sustainable. So how did it go?

I started prepping earlier this week. I got a bit of a taper but not a true one. What does that mean? Well since I'm training for a full distance I am covering a lot of miles. So this past week we cut it back a bit but comparing it to a true taper for a 70.3, well lets just say the legs were still a bit loaded going into the race(hill repeats the week of a race!)
I got the wetsuit out and did some patch repairs.

At least I didn't leave that to the night before (which I have been guilty of before).
Not only did I have to prep all my tri gear we decided it was best to take the rv down to Victoria so I didn't have to drive down at 3am. It works great because it's my home away from home. A bed that I'm used to, pillow that I love, all my food that I can prep and cook right there and not have to worry about eating out.
And it's a great way to sit and chill the day before the race.

So I was a little nervous going into this race since it was not only fort race of the season but also my first tri that I was representing Team Soas
I couldn't believe that the Vic 70.3 bib, medal, shirt and hat all matched my Team Soas kit to a perfect match!
Anyways, once I got to race site my nerves settled down. The kids did the Iron kids race and had a blast. Little one made me run with her and she ran so fast I could barely keep up in my flip flops. I actually thought I was going to hurt myself, but no that came later.

We were hanging out with the great Jasper Blake who refuelled my kids with liquorice. Little one is a smitten kitten with him now.

And the kids race packages had some great tattoos and other goodies inside. 

Once we got through all of those festivities I racked my bike, took a deep breath and headed back to the trailer for some much needed rest.

So once back at the trailer I was feeling really dry. The weather was so gorgeous and sunny that I was feeling dried out so I figured I better start drinking copious amounts of water to hydrate. The problem with that is it means more trips to the bathroom. So about 1am that is what happened. I crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom (in our trailer). When I went to step out of the bathroom my toe caught the edge of the doorway and crack went my tow. It dropped me like a sack of potatoes. It hurt like you wouldn't believe. So what did I do? I went back to bed and pretended it never happened.
Got up at 4am with my toe still throbbing I got myself and the kids ready to head over to the race. The husband had to drop me off due to crazy lack of parking. So I go drop my bag off by my bike and head for the crazy long port potty line up. While waiting in line I met a super great girl from my age group and had a lovely chat when I suddenly realized I had absolutely no fuel. 0! Natta! Nothing! I forgot all my water bottles, gu's, everything. So I quickly dialled the husband in sheer panic. He had to drive back to the campground and grab all of my supplies. I hadn't even mixed my stuff. Worst part... I only had 20 more min until I had to get out of transition. With 10 min to spare the husband came to my rescue. He brought it all (and I owe him so big for this). I quickly mixed up my concoctions grabbed all of my gu's and headed back into transition with 5min left to get ready. Nothing like a great start to the morning.

The water at Elk lake was lovely. We were borderline wetsuit legal. The water was so warm. Had what I though was a great swim until I got out of the water and my Garmin said 37:00. For 1900m that is slow for me. Don't panic, just keep going. Turns out my Garmin measured 2250m so that explains the time. 

Got out of my wetsuit gingerly trying to not hurt my toe too much. I even had time to smile and wave to the crowd.

Off I go into what seemed like the most tortured bike session I have ever done.
I cannot describe the discomfort I had on the bike. My bike shoes were killing my sore toe, I was trying not to put any pressure on my left foot to help alleviate the discomfort to then get my whole right side seized up from over compensating. Nice! This is when you wanted why the heck you raced when you were pretty sure it was broken to begin with. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Then I reminded myself that I paid a lot of money to do this and those medals were looking nice and shiny. Lets just get it done. 

The girls patiently waiting for me to come in off the bike. I was at least 20 min slower then I expected. I just couldn't crank it up.

Once I finally came in off the bike the husband asked how I was, fighting back tear all I could muster was I was in a lot of pain but I'll be back in 2 hours. That was it I was doing the run.
The first loop was tough. My toe was throbbing. Ever step sent a stabbing pain up through my toe into my foot all the wait up my leg. what was I thinking? Ugh, just keep going. I took in my fuel, made sure to drink my fluids and just kept going. By the time I finished the first loop my toe finally went numb. At around the same time I ran into the family and it put a big smile on my face. 

Less then an hour to go. I can do this.

I decided to just get this over with. I kicked it up and did my second loop faster. I felt strong and able. I went from 44th in my age group to 37. (We had 115 in our group for this race).  Definitely not my strongest race but the fact that I pushed though and finished when I wanted to quit so badly. I did it. I wasn't sore physically or mentally except for my stupid toe. 

It felt so good to be done and I immediately removed my shoe and sock to let my toe have a little room.
So now instead of getting right back to training I have to take a few days off to get the swelling down. 

I'm hoping that by wednesday I'll be able to at least get on the bike for a bit and maybe if I can tape my toe I can do an easy run.
So next race for me will be the Chelanman down in Chelan Washington. This is going to be a great test. It will be hot, the bike course is supposedly a tough one and it is 5 weeks before Penticton. So one last race before the big one. 

Big thanks to all my friends and family for their support. My coaches Marilyn (for run) and Mick (for bike) and of course all of the love Soas ladies who inspire me so much every day!!!

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  1. Ohh, your poor toe! It looks like you may loose the nail. I hope it heals in time for your next race. Your are one super woman!