Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tough Season

Well it's official, I have had a pretty tough season so far. What was supposed to be a crazy awesome season with some great races turned into sickness and injury. Worst part... I'm not the only one having this kind of year.
As my regular readers know I had knee surgery last October which was supposed to be about 6 weeks off but then turned into 3 months. Then just as I was starting to get back into training in January I caught pneumonia. There goes another 8 weeks of training. Now into March  I'm finally able to start training but work becomes so busy that my training yet again becomes scarce. What's a girl to do? This is when you have a heart to heart with yourself. Folks, this is not going to be my year but I will still do whatever I can to train as much as I can fit in and enjoy my races regardless of the outcome. So here's what I have been up to...
In May my fabulous friend I road tripped it  down to Federal Way Washington to do the Phil's May Day Classic. 

This was supposed to be a 100 mile ride for us but of course with all the stuff going on in my life we decided to drop down to the 72mile ride. Well, the day was brutal. It was cold, it was very wet and I got a flat. So we called it quits and just did the 50mile ride. We weren't the only ones, turns out the majority of the riders all felt the same way. So instead we went back to the hotel and had hot showers and went shopping. It was a great weekend.

Next up is the Shawnigan Lake Triathlon. This was supposed to be my first race of the season. Any nice Olympic Distance to start the season off right. Well, it didn't happen. I ended up having to switch to a relay because I and my coach knew I would probably hurt myself if I stuck to the original plan. But I have to say these girls were a blast!!!

We had so much fun. I forget how much fun relays are. I think I need to do more of them.
Next race was supposed to be the Victoria Goddess Run.  I was so excited to do this run with all of the great ladies in my life but wouldn't you know it... I hurt my foot 1 week before the race. I felt so bad that I ended up tagging along with the girls and being the cheer squad instead. It was a super hot day for them.

So now that the foot is injured I am off running. I spend my time cycling and swimming. Luckily my swimming buddy was up for the great open water swims. When we are together strange things happen...
We had just finished our swim and were at the cars changing when we heard some cracking and about 10 feet away this tree crashes down. Scared us half to death. We were lucky we weren't parked there.
Anyways, back to the sore foot. After a week off of running the foot did not get better so I had to take time off from everything. No bike, no swim. There goes another 4 weeks of training. Which meant I had to miss another race, The Victoria Subaru Triathlon AKA Victoria 70.3 This was probably the hardest race for me to accept that it wasn't happening. Barely able to walk and then to not race one of my big races the 70.3 I was pretty upset. I know stuff happens but it sucked big time not being able to participate. So now we are into July and I am again just getting back into training. I have a race coming up next week which was supposed to be a half iron distance but I have dropped down to Olympic for safety measures. 

In the meantime I've been getting in a ton of great family time. My special girl had her birthday and decided instead of presents she would raise money for a charity instead...
Way to go Sadie!!! We are so proud of you!!!

And then for Canada day we spent the day in Victoria soaking up the sun and getting in a visit with the fabulous Simon Whitfield. Don't tell my husband but I totally have a crush on him. The guy is not only good looking he is so kind. Chatted it up with Sadie and tried to chat it up with the littlest but she wanted nothing to do with him (she has no idea what she missed out on).

Anyways, despite a crazy off year I am determined to get back on that horse and keep trying.

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