Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Picking up the pieces

It's been a while since I've been on the blog. Life has been busy. Working full time, sick kids, tri training has made me disappear from the online world. Speaking of all my crazy business I got pneumonia to top it all off. What a kick in the pants. Just as my knee was allowing me to start training again I got walloped this winter with a nasty case of pneumonia. Normally I can function while being sick but this time around I was laid right out, flat. I had to take a week off work then return with easy duties and the doctor had me take 6 weeks off from all physical activity. I embraced some much needed family time.

Even though I missed out on a lot of training I actually enjoyed my time off. But now I'm back and I am ready to roll. So how do we return from a serious illness?
We had a big snowstorm that isn't quite normal for our neck of the woods. So I got the old snowshoes on and snowshoed 10km. I was a little tired afterwards.
I also stepped back in time and had some crazy fun on the crazy carpet with my kids! Again a little tired afterwards. Where do these kids get their energy???

I'll be honest, with all of this time off I've added some weight to areas that didn't really need it. I don't always like to talk about weight because I have 2 young girls who I want to be healthy and happy. I dread the days when body image becomes an issue for them. It should never be an issue. Yet it is. I was just reading an article by the great Rachel Joyce. In this article she talks about how there is this idea of the proper triathlete body. That long lean body. I know athletes with that body type and I'll be the first to admit I envy them in a big way. I can't even count the number of times when people question me being a triathlete, why? Well because I don't have that long lean triathlete body. After reading Rachel's post  it reminded me that I may not have that typical body (hey that's why I got a custom bike) but I am fit, and I am strong. 
So I am checking my extra pounds at the door and not even worrying about them. I eat healthy and I train hard so those pounds will get placed somewhere needed.

I am holding my head high that despite having a rough winter and losing 4 months of ideal base training I am getting back on that horse and I will still be able to pull off a decent race season.

Stay tuned lots of exciting races for me and a fun little reward post.

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